Who we are?

The WHATCOM Diversity Training Academy is a newly formed organization focused on advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts both locally and nationally. It was born out of the increasing social and economic disparities experienced in our communities, the perceived lack of a systemic approach to addressing these disparities, and a growing intention to deliver holistic solutions. 


OUR Collective Genius, spanning over 4 decades, encompasses expertise and experience that includes:

Multicultural Counseling Research, Clinical Mental Health, Somatic Psychology, Neuropsychology, Education Administration, Recreational Management, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Community Organizing & Advocacy, Social Media Psychology, Educational Law & EEO Policy, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 


This means that my work combines both the Science of the Individual and Organizational Mind and the Art of Ancient Philosophy & Culture- with the intention of awakening mindful, culturally-affirming, and empathic leaders that understand and nurture the collective genius that comes from diversity of culture... and thought. My Cultural Responsivity Trainings (CRT) focuses on shifting the organizational consciousness and culture from functioning on fear, shame, blame and doubt---- towards empathy, compassion, creativity, and empowerment... one person, one mind, and one heart, and one organization at a time!!!

Our mission is to advance equity and eliminate disparities through a holistic approach to transform personal and professional communities. Our approach is focused on raising consciousness and building tools that equip individuals, schools and organizations to build more inclusive environments. We do this by providing comprehensive programming, targeted consulting, and training- regionally and nationally- for those interested in working together to urgently advance equity and inclusion within their institutions and communities.

Assessment & Evaluation

Identifying Areas of Opportunity.  Everything we do begins and ends with Research! Our Academy works to help you identify EDI challenges that have a business-imperative metric. This means that we develop and deliver data-informed EDI curriculums that are based on measurable and sustainable outcomes that can are directly aligned with your organizations strategic plan. We work with leadership to conduct quantitative and qualitative research using Industrial Psychology methods to identify data-driven opportunities for organizational growth. We believe that an assessment design that maximizes opportunities for participation creates the strongest data and most effective engagement. We employ multiple assessment methods to assess cultural competence of an organization including interviews, focus groups, and surveys to maximize opportunities for participation.

Our core organizing principle is partnership with clients, therefore we initially meet with the appropriate management and staff to deepen our understanding of the outcomes the organization seeks and any potential organizational challenges it currently faces in order to identify data that would best serve the organization’s needs. 

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning for Measurable Success. Whether your challenge is short or long-term, we will partner with you to achieve your goals!


Long-term, sustainable organizational change requires strategic planning that begins with developing a vision, assessing your current culture and identifying strategies to create the diverse workplace culture you want and need. With our Business Development consultant services, we work with you to create and implement changes, track how modification affects every part of the organization and its people in order to assure positive impacts that support your vision. The most effective organizational initiatives are guided by a data-informed strategic plans. We work with individuals and/or groups inside the organization to guide the development, implementation, and measurement of effective EDI strategic plans.

Conflict Resolution . Cross Cultural Communication

Culture has a primary influence on conflict resolution style, such as an instinct to express or restrain emotion when in conflict. In this age of instant messaging, twitter and cell phone cameras, an ongoing history of distrust primarily in Black and Latino communities continues to grow. The ability to build better community relations in this current environment is crucial to better serve communities.

We are particularly skilled at conflict management and resolution to help teams move from conflict to collaborative productivity. Beyond resolving specific issues, our approach provides a perspective and tool set that allows individuals and teams to prevent unnecessary conflict and use those tools that remain as opportunities for constructive engagement.


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